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Das United Ride Team wird mit Mick und Tracy Hannah sowie Guillaume “JR” Cauvin für das kommende Jahr verstärkt. Mit neuem Titelsponsor fährt das Team nun unter dem Namen "Hutchinson United Ride Team".

Vor ein paar Jahren gründete die Morewood Bike Factory das United Ride Team, in welchem Fahrer aus Frankreich, Süd Afrika und nun auch aus Australien sind.
Für die Saison 2012 bekommt das United Ride Team mit Hutchinson einen neuen Titel Sponsor und verpflichtet außerdem Guillaume “JR” Cauvin, Mick und Tracy Hannah.

Mick ist einer der bekanntesten Gesichter im DH-Rennzirkus und schätzt sich als neues Team Mitglied glücklich. Er sagt: “I'm really excited to be joining with United Ride. We have very similar goals for the next 2 years and I feel like with the support of Morewood and Hutchinson and the great atmosphere within the team we can achieve all that we set out to do. I am also very excited about the opportunity to travel and race with Tracey. She is really focused right now and I think that together, along with the rest of the team, we will have a great season! Thanks very much to everyone that's getting behind us! It's going to be a great year!”

Auch Tracey ist glücklich darüber, mit ihrem großen Bruder in der nächsten Saison von Rennen zu Rennen reisen zu dürfen.
Tracey Hannah: “It’s always been in the back of my mind! Racing on the “World Cup Circuit” again! What is even more amazing, I will be racing right beside my big bro “Sick Mick” who taught me some of the things I know…… ha! I am so excited to be on the Hutchinson United Ride team, riding for Morewood bikes. Not only to be back racing but to be on a team that is going to help us achieve some of the goals that we have set out to achieve. There is nothing better than feeling confident and ready going into a season, and because of United Ride we both can relax knowing we will be on one of the best teams out there, riding with some awesome new gear. I am looking forward to the racing season. I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the up and coming months. I couldn’t be happier!”

Als dritter im Bunde verstärkt der junge Guillaume “JR” Cauvin das Team. Er platzierte sich als dritter bei der letzten Junioren Weltmeisterschaft in Champéry.
Guillaume “JR” Cauvin: “It’s a great opportunity for me to ride as part of the Hutchinson United Ride which is composed with such good riders. It will help me to improve my skills for sure! We’ve already done some training camp and there is good vibes. I love my Morewood!”

Auch Fabien “CousCous” Cousinié/Team Manager/Rider schaut dem kommenden Jahr positiv entgegen: “In 2011, I’ve been in the top 20 during the first half of the season, I wanna do it again in 2012 but for the entire season! My study finally achieved, it’s going to be my first school free season, can’t wait for the PMB!
As a team manager, I’m really happy of the riders. More than the performance aspect, everyone has the same spirit which announce: good times!”

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