Fabien Barel beendet seine Pro Karriere

Fabien Barel ist ein absoluter Sympatie Träger, toller Mensch und Mountainbike Legende, im Downhill wie auch für den Enduro Sport in den letzten Jahren! Um so trauriger ist das er gestern Abend via seines FaceBook Profils bekanntgegeben hat den aktiven Part seiner Pro Karriere nach nun 20 Jahren an den Nagel zu hängen. Er wird die EWS Reihe noch zu ende fahren, aber dann ende 2015 als Pro Fahrer aufhören.

Fab wird dem Sport und der Bike Industrie erhalten bleiben, aber ob er nun als Consultant, Team Trainer oder Manager seine Zukunft findet gibt er noch nicht Preis. Das ist definitiv eine mutige Entscheidung und wir wünschen ihm alles Gute und sind gespannt auf seine zukünftige/n rolle/n;-)

Hier ist Fabien Barels offizielles Statement zum ende seiner aktiven Laufbahn:
"It took me that long to pick up the FLOW. The Flow is the right rhythm of a trail, to pick up the optimum momentum. You are on the bike relaxed, at your own pace and you simply carry speed. Everything feels smooth, the wheel touches the terrain just at the right place to rebalance yourself and help you change directions. This unique feeling is worth pure gold.
I realized that this is true on the bike but also in life. There is a right timing for everything. If you open your eyes, your feelings there are signs around us.
I became a Pro Athlete in 1995, won my last world champ in DH 2005 and will stop my Pro Athlete career in 2015. All these numbers make sense to me, and every single day of those decades were a school day.
I am happy to keep riding but will simply change my position in the industry for new challenges. It is not an End but a continuity to achieve goals in life.
I am 35 years old and have been racing for 20 years professionally. I feel so privileged to live a life that is so intensely driven by our passion for this sport. It is unique, we are lucky, and I enjoy every single piece of it.
I will now head to Spain and to Italy for FINALE to enjoy round 7 and 8 of the EWS. I have been extremely happy to support the growth of ENDURO, and the EWS after so many years of DH.
I sincerely thank everyone for the amazing support provided in the Highs and Lows. This support and energy has always pushed me to a strong dedication and huge commitment on the bike.
I wish everyone to enjoy riding, racing as much as I do … And I’ll see you on the track.

Fotos: Fabien Barel / FB

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