EWS #1 - Chile: No Pain - No Game

No Pain - No Game: Fabien Barels start bei der Enduro World Series in Chile verlief nicht gerade nach Plan. Nach einem harten Sturz hat er den Tag dennoch beendet ummäglichst viel Punkte mitzunehmen. Am Ende des Tages wurde bei einem Besuch im Krankenhaus festgestellt, das er sich den Rücken gebrochen hat.

Auch Enduro Pro's wie Fabien Barel gehen mal hart zu Boden. In den vielen Jahren seiner Karriere hat er sich wahrscheinlich schon so gut wied jeden Knochen gebrochen. Genau aus diesem Grunde ist er wahrscheinlich auch so abgehärtet, das er mit einem gebrochenen Rücken noch weiter fahren konnte. Zum Glück hat er sich dennoch im Krankenhaus ausgiebig durchchecken lassen, wo fest gestellt wurde das er einer Lähmung nur knapp entflohen ist. Wir drücken Fabien die Daumen das alles gut verheilt und er bald wieder in die Pedale treten kann.

Sein ganzer Bericht auf Englisch:

Fab's first weekend of EWS did not go as planned. After a big crash on first stage at high speed, Fab kept on riding with high pain for the points...

Suffering strongly from the pain he decided to not take the start and go have check at the hospital.

A fracture of the dorsal vertebrae 8 was found, with 3 apophyses on D7,8,9...

No pain no game!!!

I am not sure I should start it this way but what a day.

I did not expect the first day, the first stage happening this way.

Started the first corner like a 15 year old kids, ripping the sand full speed, drifting, bunny upping the ruts of the others. A feeling where confidence makes you believe nothing can happen. An excitement that even after 20 years of racing, I cannot control...

Half way down the track at 40km/h G out, I go over the bar face plant my head in the sand, bend my back like it shouldn't and fall off 5 meters below the trail. It took me 10min to get out of it with a sore back. I could barely move.

I managed to go back on the bike and cross the finish line to direct to the medical. After a long check, I decided to start the liaison to go stage 2 anyway... Arrived there few minutes before my start. Just time for gel and straight into stage 2 with lots of pain. I manage to hold the day and take 20th place on stage 2 and 9th on stage 3.

This bring me back into 83rd place so in the points.

But tonight I am laying in my bed on my front with ice on my back. Had no chance to recover and feel like a 90 year old men when I try to stand. I know that tomorrow, I will be stiff like hell. Neck and back will be blocked and we will see if I can ride to finish the race.

Should I have pushed today for a couple points? Are the risks worsted? Should I ride tomorrow? Did I plan the first round this way? All questions without answers but the only thing I know, is that I am here to ride bike and give my best to compete. A knee on the floor does not mean that we are off... I would say, don't ever give up!

After a deep night and as expected, the wake up was tough...

Sore neck, sore back. The first moves clearly made me feel that something is not right.

Not simply sore muscle from the impact but

Some defensive feeling that my body want to protect.

After triing to warm up, I realized with the doctors that there was too many risks for the bone of the vertebrae...

I am now on my way to the hospital in Chillan to get it checked and had to give up the race...

It is a hard call for me to start the season but there is only one way forward...

Thanks to everyone for the great support and messages

I sincerely appreciate it.

A close call !

We are racers and determination, dedication are pushing us to give it all every weekend. Our commitment is not so much for the win at the end but to get the adrenaline of giving our maximum... Or should I say "optimum"

After 5 hours in Chillan hospital, a scanner of the head, neck and Back, I was standing in a waiting room with a strong back pain.

I broke so many bones that I can almost do diagnostic myself...

The day before when I kept on riding after the crash I new that ribs or apophyses (wings on the side of the vertebrae)  were broken. I felt the cracked during the crash. But there is not so much you can do for this and accept the pain. As anyway it cannot really get worst.

But the next morning, the pain was more centralized along the vertebrae and this is the main reason why I did not keep on riding for the race and the points.

I am standing there and could see nurses and the doc coming at me a little panic. In their slowest Spanish for me to understand , They are telling me that I should not move.

The 8th dorsal vertebrae is badly broken at 1.2mm of the spine and where the nerves  connecting all legs movements are.

I am starting to redo the all film, how much I pushed in the pain the next day and how much risks I took without realizing the consequences...

I am now laying down with my back all stabilized and realizing how lucky I am...

Lucky to walk, lucky to soon ride and Damn how good was time here in Chile, damn how good was the drifts in the sand at the beginning of that stage ...

I am a lucky men, but that was a close call !

More news from Fab to come soon but you can be sure of his dedication

to recover from this tough weekend.

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