Danny MacAskill fährt nun für Lezyne

Gestern haben wir euch schon sein neues Video präsentiert und heute kommt die offizielle Pressemitteilung: Lezyne nimmt Danny MacAskill unter Vertrag.

Der US-Bike-Accessoir-Hersteller stattet den Trail- und Youtube-Superstar Danny MacAskill mit seinen Produkten aus.
Danny erzählt euch wie es dazu gekommen ist:
“I was working on my bike with just some nasty multi-tools my friend gave me. Because of my formation as bike mechanic I was used to nicer tools and I remembered a Lezyne multi tool, which was top. I checked out some other Lezyne products on the net and thought, it would be cool to approach that company. I liked their brand image - and more important – knew they made good stuff. So we got in touch and it’s great that we’ve managed to work together”

Die Europa Sales & Marketing Managerin Ulrike Schlifske ist sehr erfreut über das neue Team-Mitglied:
“When Lezyne was first approached by Danny, his reputation preceded him. We at Lezyne were very impressed by his superhero skills, his accolades and his youtube success. Those reasons alone would be enough for any company to want their products to be associated with Danny. But once we sat down with Danny, we realized we weren't just sponsoring a rockstar, Danny is a classy, down to earth guy who serves as a true role model for the sport and inspires the world. We are more than proud to call Danny MacAskill a Lezyne Ambassador.”

Hier noch einmal seine Welcomes-Edit:

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